EVOLVE Shop Update 2023.01.0


The deployment window where any customer may have been impacted was on 05/09/2023 at 20:20 – 20:36 EDT.  Finished validation of the release at 22:40 EDT.



This release consisted mainly of various customer-reported bug fixes with a few general updates.

👍General Updates

  • Drawing Register Folder Fixes/Improvements
  • Production Issue - Work Order List page is not displaying all Work Orders 
  • Infinite scrolling - Drawing Register's Select All checkbox is not selecting off-page drawings
  • Editing the QTY of a Catalog Item should NOT convert the item to a Write in Item 
  • Using hyperlinks on the Work Cell Kanban should provide breadcrumbs for the user to return
  • Editing Work Request- Changes and fixes (Project Context)
  • The delete icon should not be available for task under a Catalog Item 
  • When a Work Request is approved the Task flyout is not available until the user refreshes the page
  • Don't show viewer for unsupported file types
  • On Delete Task confirmation modal, disable until the previous action completes
  • Prevent files from being downloaded without an extension 
  • Mapping a drawing to a Work Request Item fails 
  • Add & Delete a Task from the Work Order
  • Drawing Register: Project vs. Facility open
  • Editing Work Request- Changes and fixes (when in the Facility Context)

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