EVOLVE Shop Update 2024.01.0


The deployment window where any customer may have been impacted was on 1/30/2024 at 8:00pm EST.  Finished validation of the release on 1/30/2024 at 9:00pm EST.



The following features, enhancements, and fixes were made with this release:


  • Added support for customer defined work order Id. You can now add a custom work order Id from the work order properties flyout that overrides the system assigned work order number
  • Data Import (Phase I)- Added a new Data Import Page and the ability for users to download our ‘Add New Parts’ import template. Note: Future release will allow user to upload their own data to a customer created catalog


  • Minor UI improvements to work request and work order itemized views
  • Minor UI improvements to the work request page. Removed search bar and columns button and relocated the + NEW WORK REQUEST button
  • Added hover state to display the entire file path when attaching a URL link to a work request, work order or task
  • You can now edit the name of a write-in item in the project bill of materials (BOM)


  • Minor UI corrections- various locations
  • Status badges in various locations were not always turning red to indicate the late condition
  • When the user clicked the work order hyperlink from the work request properties flyout the work order details were properly being displayed but the breadcrumbs were incorrectly returning the user to the work request list instead of the work order list
  • When the user edits the unit of measure for an item in a work request or work order by creating a new UOM the newly created UOM is not being displayed correctly for the item
  • Creating a new UOM in a work request was not working correctly
  • When sending a write in item from the BOM to a work request it was being incorrectly converted to a catalog


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