EVOLVE Shop Update 2023.02.0


The deployment window where any customer may have been impacted was on 07/06/2023 at 22:30 – 23:19 EDT.  Finished validation of the release at 00:45 EDT.



This hotfix release consisted mainly of various customer-reported bug fixes with a few general updates.

👍General Updates

  • Added loading screen as tasks are loading into work call kanban view
  • Restrict navigating away from work order after releasing.
  • Restrict deletion of single task within a work order.

🐛Bug Fixes

  • Fixed unsupported file types are displaying the proper "File Type Not Supported" message
  • Fixed drawing register displaying success toast when drawings are not mapped.
  • Fixed the day's late/early field from not calculating when work order is completed.
  • Fixed issue to allow the selected project or facility to remain active after browser refresh.
  • UI Fix: incorrect loading message within the work cell view.
  • UI Fix: work cell name wrapping within kanban view
  • UI Fix: drawing id's overlapping the work request assignment pane.
  • UI Fix: work request message is incorrectly positioned due to screen size.

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